We strive to use every bit of product and by-product 

After feasting extensively on their organic gourmet, our larvae process all the nutrients they have gulped and transform them into proteins and minerals, and some extra resources that we also harvest and transform.

Animal Feed  

Proteins & Minerals

These proteins and minerals are ideal as feed for animal feed.  

Matters of the diet and living conditions are adequate to maximize protein and mineral content and then carefully harvest them to provide high quality feed for animal feed.

Fatty products

Biofuel & Oils

Our BSFL are not only rich in tasty protein and minerals, but also in fatty acids.

Yes, they contain a fair amount of fat, and we squeeze it out for a number of purposes, such as biofuel or soap production. 

Organic Fertiliser 

The Leachate

The feeding process of our sweet larvae implies the production of a leachate.

It is a nutrient-rich concoction that combines and processes organic fertiliser.