Weendle develops and implements innovative solutions to transform organic  waste into animal feed.  

Circular Solutions

Why we Weendle?

Current feed source for animal production relies heavily on grain production, especially corn and soya. The impact of increasing demand for this source of protein has many social and environmental impacts in many exporting countries. At the same time, the rapid urban growth or emerging economies results in numerous issues, or which waste management and protein demand are two major ones. These challenges have urged us to develop an alternative and sustainable solution that could tackle both challenges .

How we Weendle

Circularity , as in nature - where no waste has its place, is central to our ways of thinking and is embedded in the solution we propose. As for natural ecosystem, we vision systems that are resilient and adaptive . For this, we strongly believe in the modularity and scalability of our solutions. 

What we Weendle

We process all forms of organic waste material and transform it into nutrient- rich animal feed by breeding Black Soldier Fly Larvae . We collect waste from multiple sources such as food processor, beverage producer, livestock breeder, and even households and catering companies. We feed these delicacies to our insects, which voraciously devour them and transform them into protein and fat. We have developed an unique , local and  scalable technology for insect production. It allows us to  effectively waste management and protein provision at  multiple scales   - village to large cities - or emerging economies. 


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